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Dentures, also more commonly referred to as ‘false teeth’, are removable prostheses with artificial teeth and flanges that are not only used for the replacement of missing teeth, lost/ resorbed gum (soft tissues) and bone tissues, but also to provide facial support to your lip and cheek, and to re-establish the lower facial height to satisfactory form, function and aesthetics.

At Centre for Prosthodontics, we provide a range of denture solutions, including partial and complete dentures, overdenture procedures, implant supported dentures and other denture alternatives. For more information on our denture costs and services, contact our clinic in Perth today.

  • Partial denture refers to a prosthesis that replaces one or a few missing teeth in the dental arch.
  • Complete or full denture refers to a prosthesis that replaces the entire dental arch of missing teeth.

The support, retention and stability of dentures are dependent on

  • Quality of alveolar ridges and soft tissue (gum or soft tissues) coverage
  • Presence of sound teeth serving as abutments
  • Saliva – quality and quantity
  • Individual adaptive ability – decreases with age, medical and dental health decline

If the above clinical parameters are favourable, most patients adapt well to well-constructed dentures for the daily functions of eating, speech and aesthetic / cosmetic needs.

If the above clinical parameters are unfavourable, it may be impossible to attain a satisfactory result regardless of clinical and technical expertise. In particular, lower jaw complete or full dentures tend to be less well tolerated than their upper counterpart, given the demanding coordination of cheek, tongue and jaw movements required to retain and stabilise the denture during eating and speech.

For those patients who cannot tolerate their dentures or wish to consider a more retentive and stable alternative, our implant supported/retained solutions (full arch fixed prosthesis or removable overdentures) may be an option.

All dentures or “false teeth” procedures carry benefits and associated risks and complications. It is best for our clinicians at Centre for Prosthodontics to balance these factors and provide professional advice to help you make an informed decision on whether the procedure should proceed.

Removable and Partial Dentures at Perth Prosthodontics

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing a complete or partial denture procedure, our clinic, located in South Perth, can provide a wide range of denture solutions to suit your needs. Please contact us on (08) 9368 0888 to make an appointment or to discuss your needs.

  • Dental Implants
  • Implant Dentistry – under treatment portfolio
  • Implant Supported/Retained Dentures – under treatment portfolio

Frequently asked questions

When would I choose removable conventional denture over fixed bridgework or implant restorations?

This depends on a range of factors, particularly the number and location of missing teeth or failed teeth that you wish to replace and the extent of gum and bone loss sustained since tooth loss, which will negatively impact on your lip and cheek support. Moreover, the choice is also dictated by your expectation and tolerance, given a removable denture is generally less retentive and stable, more prone to gum irritation (sore spot) and will require a longer adjustment period in eating function and speech given its relatively larger size compared to fixed bridgework and implant restorations. However, it remains as the most cost effective option for the replacement of the greatest number of teeth and lost surrounding tissue structure. In certain circumstances, this may also be the only viable option for some patients. Your Prosthodontist will discuss your options with you before undertaking any treatments.

How long do removable conventional denture last?

Despite using only the best techniques, highest quality composite or acrylic and metal materials and design suited to your needs, the longevity of your Removable Conventional Denture depends in large part on how well you look after it. With good oral hygiene, appropriate choice of diet and use and maintenance of any remaining teeth serving support, your permanent Removable Conventional Denture will generally last for 5-10 years. Temporary version will generally deteriorate and last for less than 5 years. As part of our service, we may discuss lifestyle changes that should be considered to increase the life of your treatment.

Do I need a prosthodontist to complete my removable conventional denture?

While many general dentists offer conventional removable denture to their patients, there are complex situations when referral to Prosthodontists should be considered. Prosthodontists who have undertaken a minimum of 3 years full-time specialist dental training in Removable Conventional Denture, in addition to their general dentist qualification. For instance, patients are often referred to us with the hope to save their teeth, explore the option of fixed bridgework or implant restorations prior to the last resort of removable conventional denture. Some patients may be first time denture users with expected difficulty in adaptation, whilst others present as long time denture users, but experience increasing challenges for continued use as the remaining support teeth fail and further gum and bone loss ensues. In complex situations, removable overdenture is performed, where removable denture is designed to be supported or retained by dental implants. In extreme circumstances, Maxillofacial Prosthetics is a sub-specialty within the field of Prosthodontics, where our Prosthodontists will transform a removable conventional denture into a device that bring function and quality of life to patients with cleft lip palate needing obturator type devices and those who have received oral maxillofacial reconstructive surgery for cancer and trauma.

Do I need a referral to visit the centre for prosthodontics?

Yes, a referral from your dentist is needed before booking an appointment with our team.

How much will my treatment cost?

Until we have a full plan in place we unfortunately cannot give cost estimates, as all our work is completed bespoke for each patient. However, all costs associated with your treatment are provided in detail before any work begins.

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While you can access our services without a referral, we strongly suggest you speak to your dentist first. Our team are available to help discuss your options.