Dental Renovation Rescue- Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation

Dental Renovation Rescue- Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation

May 14, 2019

The full day event was a great success with attendance at maximum capacity. Highlights of the event below.

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Masterclass in Advanced Prosthodontics
Full Day Course with Live Demonstration

*** Dental Renovation Rescue– Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation ***

Presenters: Dr Janice Kan and Dr Armand Putra

Topics Covered

History taking and examination
Diagnostic record taking
Classification of tooth surface loss and aetiology
Prognostic factors to treatment success
Decision making: To treat or not to treat?
Step by Step – Treatment Planning

Interarch prosthetic space
Conformative vs. reorganised approach
Tooth wear distribution – localised or generalised?
Choice of OVD and occlusal scheme
Choice of restorative materials and techniques
Assessment of tooth restorability

Step by Step – Execution of Full Arch Prosthodontic Rehabilitation
Segmental Quadrant Approach
Full Arch Simultaneous Approach
Maintenance of prosthodontic rehabilitation

Case Presentations
Live Demo
Facial and dental analysis
Analog vs digital impression, facebow mounting and bite registration, diagnostic wax up
Mock up – showcase chairside vs digital mock ups
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