Failure from Pakistan

Patient: 17 year old, Female.
  • Very sensitivity and painful teeth – cannot brush, eat or drink properly after dentist in Pakistan has cut down teeth before orthodontic (braces) treatment.
  • Negligent extraction (removal) of tooth structure around multiple teeth – loss of enamel tooth structure and exposing sensitive dentine areas (see upper right central incisor tooth).
  • Substantial dental caries (tooth decay) underneath pre-existing fillings and in between teeth.
  • Possible need for endodontic (root canal) treatment and tooth extractions (removal) – due to guarded prognosis.
  • Multiple composite fillings – in replacement of decayed tooth structure, pre-existing fillings and to stabilize sensitive and painful teeth.
  • NOTE:  Due to her previous negligent treatment, this 17 year old patient is now subjected to the need of ongoing filling replacement as degradation takes place over her lifetime.