Failure from Bali

Patient: 69 year old, Female.
  • Severe pain, swelling and bleeding around full mouth dental crown and bridge work done by dentist in Bali.
  • Negligent endodontic (root canal) treatment of all remaining teeth (except lower right 3rd molar tooth) and dental crown and bridgework with poor marginal fit leading to
  • Substantial space for bacterial plaque and food particle accumulation.
  • Blockage to any access for oral hygiene measures (cleaning).
  • Moderate to severe periodontitis / periodontal disease (gum and bone infection) around teeth.
  • Periodontal and peri-implant (gum and bone) therapy.
  • Dismantle dental crown and bridge work in lower teeth (in stages to cater for financial budget) to determine the restorability and their replacement.
  • Replacement of dental implant crowns in upper left hand side (back teeth) region.
  • NOTE:
    • Treatment in Progress – More photos to be loaded.
    • Patient diagnosed by oral medicine specialist with gum inflammation relating to oral lichen planus – which persists and continues to be under management.