Centre for Prosthodontics – Midland

At the Centre for Prosthodontics, we have been fortunate that the demand for the specialised skills of our clinicians has been thriving. With high demand, the opening of a second clinic was much anticipated and after some research, Midland was found to be the suburb with the greatest need for our specialists.  A perfect opportunity arose when the development of the Midland specialist centre was completed 2021. Along with Dr Hezel Cohen who is leading the team at Centre for Prosthodontics Midland, the Midland specialist centre also houses other specialists including respiratory medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology as well as the Perth Oral Medicine and Dental Sleep Centre.

Evident from the design and furnishing of Centre for Prosthodontics in Midland, our core values of the founding clinic at South Perth is replicated. Patients of Centre for Prosthodontics in Midland can experience the same dedication and care resonating throughout their treatment as the patients of Centre for Prosthodontics in South Perth.

Despite being in the middle a pandemic, our team worked hard to look after our patients while the second location was being completed. On June 24th, we were lucky enough to hold the opening party for our Midland practice – just few days before the lockdown for Perth & Peel.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us, we are grateful for the support from all the local dentists, specialists, lab technicians, suppliers, and the community. We hope everyone enjoyed the night and had great time mingling and catching up.

Here are some photos from the grand opening party in Midland: