World Leading Treatment Stories

Hear rogers story.

We believe in saving your teeth through restoration and preservation if their long term prognoses are determined sound. Advanced knowledge and skills are required to pursue this challenging goal, and patients should not resort to extraction (tooth removal) and prosthetic replacement unless this path is explored.

We do not believe in prescriptive treatment for our patients, which can lead to overtreatment with unnecessary procedures at a higher financial and biological costs. Rest assured, at Centre for Prosthodontics, we strive to provide the least invasive and most functional and aesthetic solution that is customised to address your dental needs and to accommodate to your financial budget.

  • Care for patients whom have failed to be satisfactorily treated – and will deteriorate without our help
  • Deliver the highest level of prosthodontic services – with Ethics, Integrity, Honesty and Respect
  • Establish Centre for Prosthodontics as the one of the leading prosthodontic practices
  • Raise profile of the specialty and discipline of Prosthodontics in dental and patient communities
  • Via excellence in clinical practice – strive to improve the standard of dental health care and contribute back to the dental profession and the public as a whole
  • Support education and research via professional organisations – to further knowledge of dental students, dental laboratory technicians, general dentists and dental specialists.