Perth Prosthodontics Education Turns to Online Platforms

Perth Prosthodontics Education Turns to Online Platforms

May 30, 2020

Perth Prosthodontics do not only treat patients. Our prosthodontists also love to support dentists in their pursuit of knowledge by sharing their knowledge at dental conferences, publish our research, educate other dental professionals through Perth Prosthodontics Education.

Earlier this year, we launched our Prosthodontic Mini-Residency Certificate Program (24 months) – Essentials in Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry, consisting of 10 basic level Prosthodontics seminars. However, the unprecedented situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic had quickly escalated, leading to the decision to run Perth Prosthodontics Education via alternative online format for now. Given the circumstances, Perth Prosthodontics Education had offered two upcoming seminars via online formats at no cost to dentists.

The seminars “AuDentes® – Faster, Stronger and Instant Solution – Alternative to ALL on 4®?” and “Simple Rules for Superior Smiles” held in April and May were well received – beyond our expectation. This was also reflected in the feedback received on the seminars:

We really wish to take this opportunity to thank all participants for your support. We are greatly appreciative of all the positive feedback as we tried to support over 100 dentists being on the seminar at the same time.

Stay safe and stay tuned.