Perth Prosthodontics Education – All on 4

Perth Prosthodontics Education – All on 4

Sep 30, 2019

Perth Prosthodontic Education held an informative seminar on “All on 4 – What is the hype? Treatment plan considerations” at the Perth Prosthodontics’ South Perth practice in September 2019. The seminar was presented by the director of Perth Prosthodontics – Dr Janice Kan.

The“All on 4” treatment concept is a highly complex surgical and prosthodontic procedure that has received much attention with successful and extensive marketing. As a result, it is fast becoming a popular and sometimes the “default” treatment, both for prospective patients and clinicians. After much discussion throughout the night, it was highlighted that there is a growing concern regarding patients believing they know more than a dentist about All on 4 due to the patients research on Google. Attendees not only had a great time learning about All on 4, but it was also a fantastic opportunity to interact and catch up with their peers.

The full synopsis of the seminar can be found here.

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