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Treatment Coordinator | Bachelor of Science Honours in Microbiology, Masters of Science in Microbiology

Fran is passionate about interacting with patients and supporting them throughout their treatment journey. She marvels at their dental transformation and enjoys seeing the patients face the world with a new founded confidence and smile. Fran supports Dr. Hezel Cohen (Prosthodontist) as a treatment coordinator at the Midland branch of the Centre For Prosthodontics.


Originally a Microbiologist from South Africa, Fran moved to Australia with her husband in 2008. In 2010, an unexpected, yet fulfilling, career change to the dental industry gave her ample experience particularly as a practice manager. With Fran’s background in Microbiology, she is naturally passionate about infection control policies and procedures. Excited that her studies are still very much relevant in her new career and Fran supported several practices in gaining Infection Control and Dental Accreditation across Australia. Her dedication and diligence towards infection control was ripened when she was invited to be the Secretary of the Australian Dental Association of Western Australia’s Infection Control Committee in 2015.


During her free time, Fran volunteers as a science teacher at a local private school in Classical Christian Education once a week; a position she is particularly fond of. She also loves drawing, photography, quilting and running when she gets the chance.