Our Philosophy

Our extensive effort reflected in our consultation and treatment process is driven by our treatment philosophy.

We believe in saving your teeth through restoration and preservation if their long term prognoses are determined sound. Advanced knowledge and skills are required to pursue this challenging goal, and patients should not resort to extraction (tooth removal) and prosthetic replacement unless this path is explored.

We do not believe in prescriptive treatment for our patients, which can lead to overtreatment with unnecessary procedures at a higher financial and biological costs. Rest assured, at Centre for Prosthodontics, we strive to provide the least invasive and most functional and aesthetic solution that is customised to address your dental needs and to accommodate to your financial budget.

Consultation Process

Centre for Prosthodontics has a primary focus on reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry. We work closely with you and your referring dental practitioner to offer our expertise from diagnosis and treatment planning through to the execution of the highest possible quality of prosthodontic treatment. Your dental practitioner may refer you to see us, however a referral to our practice is not essential.

An initial consultation will consist of a comprehensive dental examination and the collection of necessary diagnostic information (i.e. clinical photographs, dental casts and dental x-rays) are required, in order to understand your specific dental needs. Based on this diagnostic assessment, we will discuss the clinical findings and diagnoses, various treatment options, treatment sequence and timing, limitations, potential complications and provide an estimate of treatment cost on the day of the initial consultation. However, for complex cases, an additional appointment may be required for a more in-depth treatment discussion.

For complex dental conditions and aesthetically / cosmetically demanding cases, a diagnostic wax up on physical dental casts or digital mock up will be performed, allowing for the better visualisation and communication of the recommended treatment. With your feedback, refinement to the proposed final tooth contour (size and appearance) will help to optimise the treatment outcome.

At the end of this comprehensive consultation and treatment discussion process – with your involvement – a treatment plan is developed to address your dental concerns and customised to suit your timeline and financial budget.

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