Centre for Prosthodontics - 20 Lyall Street South Perth

New building, refreshed outlook

We opened our first office for Centre For Prosthodontics, formerly known as Perth Prosthodontics, in 2011. Within this office we made many memories, developed our skills and expertise, and served many patients. Despite our love and nostalgia with the original practice, the space was limiting and unable to accommodate for our growing team.

Ultimately, we decided to take on the challenging task of having a brand new purpose built practice, which has to fulfil all of our many needs. To name a few, we needed a practice that has an onsite dental laboratory, windows in every surgery for natural daylight, and good patient accessibility through proximity to the freeway exit and having parking space availability. In under a year from settling on the property we were able to witness this amazing transformation which included working with an architect, builders, and engineers as well as getting planning approval. It also involved the demolition and rebuilding process.
In June 2020, we found our ideal location at 20 Lyall Street, South Perth. On a condensed timeline, the planning process commenced immediately. We spent three months perfecting every last detail of the design and then applied for development approval. The demolition of the original property started in March and the building of our brand new practice was completed and ready for our relocation in July 2021. Ongoing renovations and improvements took place in the last few months, and now we have truly settled into our new practice.
One of our favourite parts of our new building, other than the lovely onsite lab upstairs (Aesthetika Dental Technologists), is of course our waiting room. Dr Janice Kan inspired every element of the room, and we couldn’t be happier with her styling direction. We hope this environment provides a relaxing space ahead of our patient’s treatment journey.