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Dental Renovation Rescue- Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation

The full day event was a great success with attendance at maximum capacity. Highlights of the event below.

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Masterclass in Advanced Prosthodontics
Full Day Course with Live Demonstration

*** Dental Renovation Rescue– Full Arch Prosthodontics Rehabilitation ***


Presenters: Dr Janice Kan and Dr Armand Putra

Topics Covered

  • History taking and examination
  • Diagnostic record taking
  • Classification of tooth surface loss and aetiology
  • Prognostic factors to treatment success
  • Decision making: To treat or not to treat?
  • Step by Step – Treatment Planning
    • Interarch prosthetic space
    • Conformative vs. reorganised approach
    • Tooth wear distribution – localised or generalised?
    • Choice of OVD and occlusal scheme
    • Choice of restorative materials and techniques
    • Assessment of tooth restorability
  • Step by Step – Execution of Full Arch Prosthodontic Rehabilitation
    • Segmental Quadrant Approach
    • Full Arch Simultaneous Approach
    • Maintenance of prosthodontic rehabilitation
  • Case Presentations
  • Live Demo
    • Facial and dental analysis
    • Analog vs digital impression, facebow mounting and bite registration, diagnostic wax up
    • Mock up – showcase chairside vs digital mock ups